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Mystic Reaper X


The New and Improved Reaper X!


The NEW Reaper X fly rod is a moderate fast action, upper mid tip flex rod that allows beginner and advanced fly fishermen and women to experience what the Reaper introduced years ago with some upgrades that will only improve on its legend.

By utilizing modern multi-modulus layups, Mystic Fly Rods has created a rod with a very supple tip capable of protecting light tippets while at the same time delivering immense power through the middle and the lower sections of the blank. The end result is a rocket launcher of a rod that redefines what “fast action” should really be all about.

Like all Mystic Fly Rods, the Reaper X is true to line size and saltwater safe.

Rod Length & Weight

7' #3, 8'6" #4, 9' #4, 9' #5, 9' #6