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Nautilus NV – G Spool


Great for having extra fly lines on the water!


A must-have when fishing conditions require you to have multiple fly lines. Quick and easy to change out, having an extra spool with keeping you out fishing longer and catching more fish. The G-Spool design transforms your NV reels into uber-arbor fly reels that pick up line faster than any other comparable reel in the market. The G-Spool (Giga Spool) design reduces the reel weight significantly and generates less line coiling and much faster line retrieval (up to 15 inches per turn on the G-10!).

It comes with a protective neoprene case.

Available in brushed titanium or black anodizing.

Custom colors available. Call the shop for options and timelines. 


Black, Silver

Retrieve Direction

Left Hand Retrieve, Right Hand Retrieve

Reel Size

NV G – 5 / 6, NV G – 6 / 7, NV G – 7 / 8, NV G – 8 / 9, NV G – 9 / 10, NV Monster, NV Monster G – 10 / 11


100 Yards 68lb Hatch Backing, 100 Yards 80lb Cortland Backing, 200 Yards 20lb Micron Backing, 200 Yards 30lb Micron Backin, 200 Yards 68lb Hatch Backing, 200 Yards 80lb Cortland Backing, No Backing