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Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel-3/4-Black/Silver

Pflueger Medalist fly reel – one of the most used fly reels ever made.


Here’s another reel that has landed countless trout over the years.  After a rather long hiatus, the Pflueger Medalist is back in action.  We think a lot of people will appreciate the old school look of this reel, perhaps the reel is even reminiscent of their childhood.

The Pflueger Medalist had a very smooth drag and no detectable start-up inertia.  The spool to frame tolerances is very good and the spool is easy to remove.  The Medalist’s full-frame design adds rigidity and durability to the reel.  The drag sounds great and the price is right.

The range of drag adjustment isn’t very good (although at least it is adjustable).  Max drag is only .5 pounds, so for larger fish, you’ll have to palm the reel, which you can do along the rim of the spool instead of finger palming it.

The Medalist has the capacity for a huge amount of backing, (175 yards of 20#!), which unfortunately makes the reel much heavier than it needs to be when fully loaded.  The handle is pretty big and easy to grab, however, the taper gets smaller towards the end rather than swells bigger. The Pflueger Medalist is fully machined in South Korea from heavy-duty aluminum.  The Medalist comes in one color:  Black with silver hardware and a yellow handle.