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Plan D Pocket Boxes

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Plan D Pocket Boxes


Are you looking for a good box to hold your swing flies and tube flies?  Plan D boxes out of Gig Harbor, WA are the answer.  These boxes are the best solution we have found to control and organize all your intruders, tube flies, stinger flies, and big articulated streamers.

Plan D Pocket boxes are built with high-quality components and a weather-resistant seal. They offer both clarity and durability and will keep your flies secure and dry in the harshest of environments. 6.59″ x 5.22″ x 1.41″.

The Plan D Pocket Articulated utilizes our patent-pending design for storing up to 10 of your favorite articulated fresh or saltwater flies. Simply slide the eye of the fly onto the stainless steel hook and insert the fly’s hook into the slotted foam. The Pocket is the little brother to the Pack and the perfect box when you want to travel light.

The Pocket Articulated Plus has an additional set of hooks for a total of 20. This box is especially great for micro articulated flies such as the new Intruders or Sculpzillas.

6.59″ x 5.22″ x 1.41″




Fly Box Style

Articulated, Articulated Plus, Standard (No Hooks), Tube Plus