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Rene Harrop Master PMD Collection

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Harrop PMD Master Collection

*all fly selection sales are final


A comprehensive selection of PMDs, for western fishing. Everything that you need to cover your bases in any PMD hatch situation. Emergers, Duns, spinners, cripples, they are all here. This selection contains 2 of each pattern/size for a total of 66 flies. Exact patterns may vary depending on stock, we will substitute in appropriate Harrop flies if needed.  (quantity) Contents:


(6) Pale Olive Short Wing Emerger #16-20

(6) PMD CDC Biot Cripple #16-20

(6) PMD No Hackle #16-20

(6) PMD Biot Sparkle Dun #16-20

(6) Pale Olive Spinner #16-20

(6) PHD PMD Emerger #16-20

(6) PMD Captive Dun#16-20

(6) CDC PMD Transitional Dun #16-20

(6) PMD Biot Thorax #16-20

(6) PMD Half & Half Emerger #16-20

(6) PMD Last Chance Cripple #16-20