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Rene Harrop Midge Selection

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Harrop Midge Selection

*all fly selection sales are final


The very best midge patterns tied by the Harrops. This selection has the very best midge patterns for spring creeks and tailwaters. These are proven killers on places like the Henry’s Fork, Bighorn, Madison, Livingston Spring Creeks, and anywhere else midges reign supreme. It contains 2 of each size/pattern, for a total of 38 flies. Exact patterns may vary depending on stock, we will substitute in appropriate Harrop flies if needed. It comes in a nice 6 compartment Myran fly box. (quantity) contents:**


(6) CDC Transitional Midge #20-24

(6) Dark Grey CDC Midge Emerger #18-22

(6) Light Grey CDC Midge Emerger #20-24

(6) Grey CDC Biot Midge Emerger #20-24

(4) Grey CDC Hanging Midge #20-22

(4) Grey CDC Adult Midge #20-22

(6) No Hackle #18-22


** May require some substitutions