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Rio InTouch Skagit Max GameChanger

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Rio’s InTouch Skagit Max GameChanger


RIO’s INTOUCH SKAGIT MAX GAMECHANGER heads are the perfect delivery system for casting large flies and sink tips. The heads feature RIO’s Multi Density Control – a seamless blend of three or four different densities that ensures the smoothest transition of energy when casting, and the very best depth control when fishing.

Say goodbye to hinging, weak casts and poor turnover with these killer heads. Each head is built with an ultra-low stretch core for the maximum in sensitivity and performance.

A shooting line and a sink tip are required to make these heads perform at their best.

The three different density options give angles total control over the depth fished. The F/H/I option is great with an intermediate, type 3 tip, regular iMOW and “T” tips, and swings beautifully between 2ft-4ft.

The F/H/I/S3 is ideal for adding type 3 and type 6 tips, as well as regular “T” tips, and good for swinging between 4ft and 8ft down. The fastest sinking, bottom-dredging F/I/S3/S5 head is the best choice for winter fishing and for getting the slowest, deepest swing. With a regular “T” tip on the end, this thing fishes between 8 and 12ft in depth.**

**Because of the vast array of fly line weights and line densities we do not always carry every option in stock, please allow up to two weeks for line delivery. We apologize and appreciate your understanding.

Sink Rate

Float / 1 IPS / 2 IPS, Float / 1 IPS / 2 IPS / 3 IPS, Float / 2 IPS / 3 IPS / 5 IPS

Line Weight

425 GR. – 6wt., 450 GR. – 6/7wt., 475 GR. – 7wt., 500 GR. – 7wt., 525 GR. – 7/8wt., 550 GR. – 8wt., 575 GR. – 8wt., 600 GR. – 8/9wt., 625 GR. – 9wt., 650 GR. – 9wt., 725 GR. – 10/11wt.