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Rio Power Sinking Versileaders Freshwater

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A great way to create a versatile system.


RIO’s Freshwater VersiLeaders are designed for the fly fisher who needs a quick-change option for converting a floating line to a sink tip. These tips are also great for people who are working on micro spey setups.

Each VersiLeader is 10ft long, tapered for the best in performance and has a 24lb nylon core. A neat, bullet-proof welded loop at the butt end allows for fast rigging. The leaders have the following sink rates:

1.5 ips (clear loop)
3 ips (green loop)
4 ips (red loop)
5 ips (blue loop)
7 ips (black loop)

Sink Rate

1.5 inches per second, 3.0 inches per second, 4.0 inches per second, 5.0 inches per second, 7.0 inches per second