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Rising 6′ Work Plier


Work 6″ – AKA – The SplitShot Removing BadAss, AKA SplitRing Solution. We introduced the Work 6″ in 2008, augmented them in 2010 with internal spring goodness and have been selling them to thousands of happy anglers – both spin and fly, especially the fly anglers who use weight when nymphing or throwing streamers (the majority).


  • Precision ground Pick Tip  – to easily remove small split shot, weights, and all split rings. This is a significant design difference. We grind our tip to a steep angle so that when it engages with the weight or split ring, it starts prying immediately. Very effective with small weights which usually are quite difficult to remove from line or tippet.
  • Half Textured/ Half Smooth Tip – to make both de-barbing and holding thicker gauge hooks easier.
  • Attachment Hole/Tightening area – to attach pliers to your pack (pick tip can rip some fabric), or to use while tightening/checking the knot on your streamer or salt water popper.
  • Crimp Ridge – improved crimping power for weight, and great for sleeves used with wire rigging
  • Cutting Blade – to effectively cut all types of line.
  • Internal Spring – increased operating tension. This is a significant design difference. The internal spring forces the pliers arms apart, they want to be open in your hand and that makes it much easier to use them.
  • Stout pliers – thicker than our standard 6″ pliers because we know you can use the operating leverage and strength.
  • Individually Quality Controlled  and improved at our HQ in Utah.
  • Weight: 2.3 oz
  • Unconditional Warranty


Black Handle, Red Handle