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Ross Animas S Spool


More spools equal more fish


Spool only

Use an extra spool to help tidy up your fishing. If you’ve ever had to switch lines without having an extra spool you know how much of a pain it is.

Knots, tangles, and frustration are a given. Pick up an extra spool so that changing your line is as easy as popping the other spool on. Whether it’s a new sink tip to fish the Stone or a long-belly spey for the Clearwater having the right line is important, being able to switch lines and easily use them without making a tangled mess is crucial.

Get better results and more fish to the net with an extra spool for your Animas S.

Animas S 9-10 — 175yd of 20# with 525gr
Animas S 10-11 — 175yd of 20# with 600gr


11-12 (600gr. – 850gr), 9-10 (400gr. – 650gr)

Retrieve Options

Left Hand retrieve, Right Hand retrieve

Backing Options

Cortland 20 lb. 100 yds., Cortland 20 lb. 200 yds., Cortland 30 lb. 100 yds., Cortland 30 lb. 200 yds., Cortland 80 lb. 100 yds., Cortland 80 lb. 200 yds., Hatch 68 lb. 100 yds., Hatch 68 lb. 200 yds.