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Ross Gunnison

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A modern take on one of the most iconic reels of all time


New for 2018 the updated Ross Gunnison Reel is sure to become as legendary as the original.

Cutting through the Black Canyon on the Western Slope of Colorado, and only 10 miles from the Ross Reels factory, the storied Gunnison river inspired the name for one of the most iconic, reliable, and best-selling fly reels ever produced.

As a tribute to the original aesthetics, the new Gunnison is designed with octagonal machining, round porting, and a leader groove on the frame. That is where the similarities part ways, as the new Gunnison represents the best in modern reel design while retaining all the reliability and ruggedness of the original.

While the unique frame geometry and spool profile echo the original Gunnison, the contemporary porting and large arbor design make this a modern, bulletproof package with retro styling. The Gunnison also has a high-performance drag based on the same platform as the new Evolution LTX, creating a reliable and powerful system impervious to the elements.

At the end of the day, replacing what was the favorite (and in many cases the first) fly reel of so many anglers was a daunting task. These were huge shoes to fill, but the new Ross Reels Gunnison has risen to the occasion.

Reel Size

4/5, 5/6, 7/8

Retrieve Direction

Left Hand Retrieve, Right Hand Retrieve

Backing Options

100 Yards Cortland 20lb., 100 Yards Cortland 30lb., 100 Yards Hatch 68lb., 200 Yards Cortland 20lb., No Backing Needed