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Sage Mod

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Sage Mod

$850.00 $595.00

“Sage’s new Mod is an exciting and surprising new rod from Sage.  Exciting because it casts so well, and surprising as this is finally a rod from Sage that has good butt and mid-section power yet a softer and more flexible tip that we like.

I tried one of the prototypes that Jerry Siem had sent to a friend a month ago and was impressed at how well it cast, even heads up with the finest 9 foot 5-weights we have here at the shop – the Loomis NRX LP and the Scott Radian.

This new Mod is definitely going to be a serious contender in our next 5-weight Shootout that we’ll so this fall.  This rod has all the new technology that we’ve seen in the latest Sage rods, but it is a far better casting rod than the Sage One or the Method.

Thank goodness!  If you liked the old Sage XP, you are going to love the new MOD!  I’m not that crazy about the color, but the craftsmanship is typically excellent and what we have come to expect from Sage.  And wow, does it cast!  You can reach out as far as you could with the One, but shorter distance feel and accuracy is far better.”

– George Anderson

Rod Length & Weight

9' #4