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Skagit Revolution with Tom Larimer – Directed by R.A. Beattie

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The best on the market.


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Skagit Revolution is the foremost Spey casting instructional DVD on the market right now. Produced by R.A. Beattie Outdoor Productions with Instruction done by Steelhead legend, Spey Casting guru, and all ’round good guy, Tom Larimer.

In this DVD Tom walks you through several casts with over 4 hours of in-depth instruction, this alone is nothing new but he breaks each cast down much better than I’ve seen anyone else do, teaching you how to examine, critique, and improve your own cast.

Tom really dials in the techniques that are pertinent to today’s equipment showing us how to broaden our perspective of the anchor points and sweeps we use to better fit today’s equipment. If you’re an angler who’s just getting into spey casting or a seasoned vet who just wants to freshen up old skill this DVD will get you set straight.