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Soft Tungsten Weight


Hareline Soft Tungsten Weight


We tried every tungsten putty on the market and feel this is the best!  While it is still a good idea to roll your Hareline Soft Tungsten Tacky Weight on a knot, swivel, or tippet ring – we have found this putty sticks to your tippet better than any other brand.  Now available in three colors: Grey, Brown, or Olive.

Simply pinch a little putty off and roll it on like a little football or snake.  If you feel you need more weight, pinch a tiny bit more off and add it.  Or if you feel like you are hitting bottom too much, pinch a little bit off and save it for later.

Tungsten soft putty is a great option as it is heavier than lead but also non-toxic. We also feel it doesn’t get caught up in the rocks and “washes” along the bottom better than other traditional split shot weights.


Brown, Grey, Olive