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The first of the modern fishing films, show in the wild panorama of 1970’s Key West. As they fly fish in the aquatic wilderness of the Florida Keys, anglers and authors capture the essence of the sport in words and dramatic film footage. Colorful scenes of Key West from another era–with treasure hunters, smugglers, hippies and eccentrics– are background to stunning cinematography and tarpon fishing at it’s finest.

“TARPON is a gem and, frankly, a window on better days. Without a profound respect for tarpon, this celebration of their majestic power and the enchantment of their pursuit, could never have been made. Tarpon fishing was and is a dream and this may be the only time it’s been captured.” – Thomas McGuane

With authors Richard Brautigan, Thomas McGuane, and Jim Harrison. Original music written and preformed by Jimmy Buffett.