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Shop and Guide Favorite! Try these and you’ll love them. Sold Individually.

  • Small 5/8″
  • Medium 7/8″
  • Large 1″
  • XL 1-1/8″

Highly visible, and durable. Cast great in windy conditions. Available in a Small 5/8″, Medium 7/8″, Large 1″, and XL 1-1/8″

The toothpick-peg technique works most of the time but if you lose a peg or want to try something new we also have a different method. First, double over your leader (usually 3 – 6 feet above your first fly) and slip the loop through the middle of the indicator. You may have to kink the leader or butt section with your teeth or forceps to get it started through the indicator. Remember that the end you insert the loop into is the color you’ll see on the water so experiment to see if you can see one fluorescent color more easily than the other.

Next, take the tippet end of your leader (or flies if they are already tied on) and pull it/them back through the loop. This keeps the indicator in place so it won’t slide on your leader while casting. If you want to re-position the indicator, simply slack up the line that goes around the indicator and move it!

As a general rule, start out putting this indicator 2-4 feet above your split shot and nymphs.

These are easily re-usable and a few will last you all season.


Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large