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Ultimate 10 Weight Outfit

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Simply the Best choice in the 10 wt category.


Our choice of the best 10-weight rod is the G. Loomis Asquith. The 10-weight feels almost like the older 8-weight in my hand, but it has the same kind of explosive power and fish fighting ability we have come to expect from the Loomis rods. The Asquith10-weight is a very versatile rod, perfect for mid-sized tarpon, big permit, big cudas, big jacks and a variety of other gamefish. This rod has the butt power to land 100 lb. tarpon but is delicate enough to put that perfect cast in front of a permit sixty feet away. The NVG 9-10, designed by Nautilus, is the reel that we feel pairs best with this heavy-hitting rod.

The NVG 9-10 has just as much muscle as the NRX and will stop just about anything that you hook into. With its buttery smooth sealed drag its a breeze to adjust on the fly without worrying about breaking the fish of your dreams off. It has plenty of capacity for line and over 200 yds of Hatch 68 lb PE backing which really finishes the Outfit off right.

– George Anderson

G. Loomis Asquith 9′ #10 | $1,200.00

Nautilus NVG 9/10* | $825.00

Choice of Line** | $79.95–$129.95

200 yds. 68 lb. Hatch PE backing | $60.00

George Anderson’s Hand tied Permit Leader | $7.95

Rigging | $10.00

Grand Total | $2,182.90

*Nautilus Reels may not be combined with any discounts or free product

**If you don’t see the fly line you’re looking for on our dropdown menu give us a call at the shop to swap in a different line


Black (reel), Clear (reel)

Reel Retrieve

Left Hand Retrieve, Right Hand Retrieve

Line Options

Rio DirectCore Flats Pro Stealth Tip WF10F/I, Rio DirectCore Flats Pro WF10F, S.A. Amplitude Grand Slam WF10F, S.A. Amplitude Tarpon WF10F, S.A. Grand Slam WF10F, S.A. Tarpon WF10F