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Ultimate 11 Weight Outfit

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The Tarpon Tamer


My all-time favorite tarpon rod was the G. Loomis 9 foot #11 Crosscurrent GLX, but now that the new Loomis Asquith rods are here, it sure makes sense to spend the extra $$ and step up to the best big rod we’ve seen and cast, the Asquith. These G. Loomis rods are stronger and lighter than the older rods, and when you get this new #11 rod in your hand, there is a huge difference in weight. This rod has the same kind of power the NRX produced but it is even smoother to cast. Belting out 100-foot casts is going to be even easier now the way this Asquith fires out beautiful, controlled tight loops. The action is similar to the NRX but the tip seems slightly softer, allowing for better control on short distance casts to laid up fish. Line size is somewhat of personal preference. This rod has tons of butt power and landing tarpon in the 125-150 lb. class is not going to take long!


The NV Monster is the reel of choice for landing the largest fish on the planet. It’s got the tried and true Nautilus sealed disk drag that can put the heat on the big boys and the strength and rigidity to hold up to the brute power of huge tarpon and voracious GTs. The spool can hold enough backing that the fish will probably just give up before it spools you. We rig all these saltwater lines with our special spliced loop in the back of the line, and loop-to-loop this to the backing with a blind spliced loop to give you 100% knot strength. This also makes it very easy to change lines out on the water. Then we install a butt section of 60 lb. Seaguar fluorocarbon with our special TTTK overwrapped and super-glued needle knot. This is one butt section you’ll never have come loose!

– George Anderson


G. Loomis Asquith 9′ #11 | $1,300.00

Nautilus NV Monster* | $945.00

Your Choice of Fly Line** | $129.95

400 yds. Cortland 80lb. Backing | $139.80

George’s Tarpon Leader 20lb. class 80 Fluoro | $11.95

Grand Total | $2,526.70


*Nautilus Reels may not be combined with any discounts or free product

**If you don’t see the fly line you’re looking for on our dropdown menu give us a call at the shop to swap in a different line

Color Options

Black (reel), Clear (reel)

Reel Retrieve

Left Hand Retrieve, Right Hand Retrieve

Line Options

S.A. Amplitude Grand Slam WF11F, S.A. Amplitude Tarpon WF11F