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Ultimate 12 Weight Outfit

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The best 12 wt outfit you can get


A 12 weight rod needs to beefy. You’re not going after farm pond panfish or throwing dry flies with this set up it needs to be able to go up against the biggest, strongest fish on the planet and come out victorious. We have cherry-picked our Ultimate 12 wt. Outfit to fit that bill perfectly.

The G. Loomis Asquith 9′ 12 wt is the most powerful rod and has the backbone to control anything that’s on the end of your line. Despite this power, it retains a supple tip that excels in presenting flies to spooky fish like laid up Tarpon. No matter what your quarry, the Asquith by G. Loomis will give you the edge that you need to bring the fish of a lifetime to hand.

Paired up with the Nautilus NV-Monster it’s a truly unstoppable combo. The Monster has an incredibly smooth carbon fiber/cork composite drag that has no start-up inertia. It has great heat dissipation that will help control the lunker on the end of your line and protect light class tippet to help get your name in the record books. The strong, rigid frame means that mechanical failures are out of the question leaving you with nothing but confidence and smiles.

We give you the choice of the Scientific Angler’s Tarpon line or the Grand Slam. The Tarpon line works great for longer casts or smaller flies where loading the rod close isn’t crucial, the Grand Slam is perfect for making close casts and loading the rod without having much line out. We put 400 yds. of Hatch 68 lb PE backing on the reel and finish everything with a spliced rear loop on the back of the fly line, our custom TTTK superglued nail knot on the front, and one of our standard quick-change Tarpon leaders.

G. Loomis Asquith 9′ #12 | $1300.00

Nautilus NV-Monster* | $945.00

Your Choice of Line** | $129.99

400 Yds. Hatch 68 LB PE | $120.00

Grand Total | $2,494.95

*Nautilus Reels may not be combined with any discounts or free product

**If you don’t see the fly line you’re looking for on our dropdown menu give us a call at the shop to swap in a different line

Color Options

Black (reel), Clear (reel)

Retrieve Options

Left Hand retrieve, Right Retrieve

Line Options

S.A. Amplitude Grand Slam WF12F, S.A. Amplitude Tarpon WF12F