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Ultimate 4-Weight Outfit

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Our Ultimate 4-Weight Outfit!!!


Our Ultimate 4-Weight Outfit is the Hardy Ultralite 8’6″#4!

The Hardy Zephrus was our favorite 4-weight for many years, and the new Hardy Ultralite is even more impressive.   After re-testing several 4-weights, it became clear that the Ultralite performed best in-close and at mid-distances, which we most often find ourselves fishing a 4-weight.  The Ultralite has a nearly identical rod deflection as the Zephrus, however the Ultralite’s deflection is a mm or so higher.  As such, the Ultralite is slightly stiffer and more powerful than the Zephrus, but with the same smooth and delightful feel.  Add an attractive new and improved look and you have a winner!  The Galvan Torque T-4 is a perfect match for the new NRX+LP.  The custom “Gun Meatl Gray” T-4 color matches the Ultralight’s hardware perfectly, but you can also specify black, silver, green, blue or orange if you prefer. The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity line matches this rod perfectly although we have had some customers ask for a Scientific Angler’s Amplitude Trout as well.

Outfit Breakdown

Hardy Ultralite 8’6″ #4 | $825.00

Galvan Torque T-4 | $390.00

Scientific Angler’s Amplitude Infinity | $129.95

80 yards of 20lb. micron backing | $10.00

George Anderson’s Hand Tied Leader | $6.95

Rigging | $10.00

Total | $1,371.90

Line Discount | <$99.95>

Free Rigging | <$10.00>

Grand Total | $1,261.95

Line Choice

Amplitude Infinty WF4F – Camo, Amplitude Smooth Infinity WF4F – Camo, Amplitude Smooth Infinity WF4F – Optic, Amplitude Trout WF4F – moss / mist grn / willow

Reel Color

Black (reel), Blue (reel) 2-3 week delay, Clear/ Silver (reel), Green (reel), Gun Metal Gray, Orange (reel) 2-3 week delay

Reel Retrieve

Left Hand Retrieve, Right Hand Retrieve