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Ultimate 4 Weight Outfit

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Our Ultimate 4 Weight Outfit!!!

$1,311.90 $1,201.95

Our new Ultimate 4 Weight outfit is the G. Loomis NRX+ LP.

Next rod up… Now that the Hardy Zephrus is no longer available we tested several other 4-weights and our new favorite is the 8’6″#4 NRX+LP.  This rod is a little stiffer than the Zephrus but produces very tight loops and is more accurate than the Zephrus as well.  The Galvan Torque T-4 is a perfect match for the new NRX+LP.  The “clear” silver T-4 color matches the silver color of the NRX+ LP perfectly, but you can also specify black or green if you prefer. The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity line matches this rod perfectly.

Outfit Breakdown

G. Loomis NRX+ LP 8’6″ #4 | $795.00

Galvan Torque T-4 | $390.00

Scientific Angler’s Amp. Infinity Smooth | $99.95

80 yards of 20lb. micron backing | $10.00

George Anderson’s Hand Tied Leader | $6.95

Rigging | $10.00

Total | $1,311.90

Line Discount | <$99.95>

Free Rigging | <$10.00>

Grand Total | $1,201.95

Line Choice

Infinity WF4F – Camo, Infinity WF4F – Optic

Reel Color

Black (reel), Blue (reel) 2-3 week delay, Clear/ Silver (reel), Green (reel), Orange (reel) 2-3 week delay

Reel Retrieve

Left Hand Retrieve, Right Hand Retrieve