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Ultimate 6 Weight Outfit

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The best 6wt setup out there


The Official 6 weight Shootout Winner!  The new Douglas Sky was a pleasant surprise to all of us!  This rod just did everything well.  Once in a while in our Shootouts, we’ll find a rod that feels and performs so much better than anything else, and this is why we gave the Sky a perfect score in the Perfect 6 category.  The Sky by Douglas Outdoors blew everything away! It casts great in close due to its fairly soft tip but still has power reserves in the mid and butt sections to help throw big bugs or fight those heavy fish. This rod will blast hoppers out there with authority, and we also love it for fishing two nymphs under an indicator, for both large river and still water situations. The Sky is extremely light and powerful, which is exactly what we were looking for when it comes to the ultimate 6 weight outfit!

Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX fly line comes in two different styles, a more subdued “stealth” version and a much more highly visible “optic” version.

Upgrade to Scientific Anglers Amplitude Series, MPX fly line.  The Amplitude series features the revolutionary AST PLUS slickness additive, these lines will shoot farther and last longer than any other line on the market. It’s slickness down to a science.  MSRP $129.95

Douglas Outdoors Sky- 4pc fly rod | $695.00

Galvan Torque T-6 | $410.00

Scientific Angler’s MPX WF-6-F Line | $79.95

135 yards of 20lb micron backing | $9.95

George’s Hand tied  12′ 4X Clear Butt Leader | $6.95

Subtotal | $1201.85

Fly Line Discount | <$79.95>

Grand Total | $1,121.90

Reel Color

Black (reel), Clear/Silver (reel), Green (reel)

Reel Retrieve

Left Hand Retrieve, Right Hand Retrieve

Line Style

Amplitude MPX, MPX Optic, MPX Stealth