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Ultimate 7 Weight Outfit

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For the best in flats and heavy freshwater fly fishing.


Built on Shimano’s proprietary Spiral X platform, the Asquith boasts superb power transfer from tip to hand, quick recovery, and increased sensitivity. Designed by world casting champion Steve Rajeff, the Asquith is an exploratory step into the future of rod manufacturing technology. With fast actions, generous power levels, titanium guides, and exceptionally light swing weight, all rods in the series excel in fishing situations where developing high line speed and making precise casts means success.

The 7 wt. is especially good, the flex of the rod and the power that it creates is simply unbeatable. The Bones tailing at 70ft don’t stand a chance anymore! nor do the browns that live in that root ball on the other side of the bank. The Asquith has the power and the accuracy to put the fly exactly where you want and the muscle to bring those fish to hand. The highest quality cork grip is shaped wonderfully and feels great in the hand and the rod is very light making it easy to cast all day long. Carrying plenty of power throughout the rod, the Asquith would also make a great steamer fishing rod as well.

We’ve Chosen the Nautilus NV – G 7/8 to accompany the Asquith for the Ultimate 7wt Outfit. This sealed drag reel is machined out of the highest quality aluminum. It has one of the strongest drags on the market that can be adjusted to fit any situation. The handle on the NV-G is large and easy to grab but was smartly designed in a way that won’t snag your line. The looks of this reel are the only thing that overstates its function, Nautilus has definitely created one of the nicest looking reels we’ve ever seen.

The Ultimate 7 wt package is going to set you up perfectly for your next flats trip or large trout fishing trip and keep you looking great the whole time. If you want the best 7 weight fly rod and reel, this is your package.

Choose from these great lines: Rio Direct Core Bonefish, Rio Direct Core Flats Pro Stealth Tip WF7/I, Direct Core Flats Pro, SA Amplitude Bonefish, SA Amplitude Smooth Bonefish, SA Mastery Bonefish or SA Sonar Sink Tip


G. Loomis Asquith 9′ #7 | $1,200.00

Nautilus NV-G 7/8* | $685.00

Your Choice of line** | $79.95–$129.95

200 yds, 68lb Hatch braided backing | $59.90

George’s Bonefish Leader | $7.95

Rigging | $10.00

No Sales Tax

Free Shipping

Grand Total | $2,042.80

*Nautilus Reels may not be combined with any discounts or free product

**If you don’t see the fly line you’re looking for on our dropdown menu give us a call at the shop to swap in a different line

Reel Color

Black, Clear (Silver)

Reel Retrieve

Left Hand Retrieve, Right Hand Retrieve

Line Options

Rio DirectCore Bonefish WF7F, Rio DIrectCore Flats Pro Stealth Tip WF7F/I, Rio DirectCore Flats Pro WF7F, S. A. Bonefish WF7F, S.A. Amplitude Bonefish WF7F, S.A. Amplitude Smooth Bonefish, S.A. Sonar Sink Tip WF7F/S