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Yakoda Replacement Laces


A river sage once let us in on a little secret about how to make wading boot laces that last longer and look better than the ones that came with your wading boots. We took that bit of knowledge and made the Guide Laces—guaranteed to last multiple seasons and available in colors that aren’t black or brown.

Freshen up your boots or stash an extra pair in your bag so you’re prepared when your stock laces blow out three miles from the truck.

Made in the USA

72″ laces fit most wading boots and hiking boots. Metal aglets at the end of each lace keep them from fraying, since the plastic aglets on most laces are the first thing to fail.


Artic Char, Grasshopper, Gravel Bar, Grayling, River Bed, River Camo, Salmon, Trichroma


72”, 84”