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Yellowstone Angler’s Bare Bones Argentinian Fly Selection

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A great start to Argentinian flies.

*all fly selection sales are final


Here’s a perfect starter Argentina fly selection that will have you covered for fishing rivers throughout Argentina. It would also double nicely for a western streams selection in the US during the months of July – September.  You’ll be locked and loaded for all types of insects you may encounter as well as pancora crabs (crayfish like crustaceans only found in Patagonia) insects, beetles, and baitfish.

If you are headed to Argentina and would like to hyper-focus your fly selection by going heavier on streamers, or sticking primarily with dry flies, give us a call and we can come up with a custom selection tailored to fit your specific needs.

Drys, Attractors, and Hoppers
(2) Parachute Adams 2/14
(2) Olive DK CDC Elk Hair Caddis 2/14
(1) Morrish “Black Ops” Hopper 1/8
(1) Grand Hopper 1/8
(2) Chubby Chernobyl Gold 2/10
(2) Goucho Cicada 2/12
(2) Tan Foam Hi-vis Hopper 2/8

Rubber Leg and Beadhead Nymphs
(2) Pat’s Brown Rubber Legs 2/8
(2) DK CDC BH Prince nymph 1/10
(2) BH Prince Nymph 1/12
(2) Bead head Copper John 1/12
(2) Bead Head R.L. Hare’s ear 2/10
(2) George’s Rubber Leg Brown Stone 2/10

Buggers and Streamers
(2) Brown Ultra Yuk Bug Tungsten 2/6
(2) Natural/Orange Zirdle Bugs 2/6
(2) Olive/Natural Zirdle Bugs 2/6
(3) Bead Head Wooly Bugger 1/4, 2/6
(2) “Green Goblin” 2/8
(2) Ol. Multi-Color Lead Head WB 2/4
(1) White/Pearl Zonker 1/6
(1) Natural Sculpzilla 1/4
(2) Olive Cone Head Burgin Bugger 2/4
(2) Black Barr’s Slump Buster 2/6

We give you a 15% volume discount