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Yellowstone Angler’s Bare Bones Jurassic Lake Rigging Package

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Everything you’ll need with no bells or whistles

*all rigging selection sales are final


After spending a few years fishing down at Jurassic lake we’ve figured out a few things that are must-haves when making the trip. These trout are not your garden variety rainbows so the tippet spools in your vest will, most likely, not do you much good. This package contains some key items that will help ensure that you’re as prepared as possible for your trip of a lifetime.

In the package:
(1) Rio Powerflex Mono Tippet – 0x
(1) Rio Powerflex Mono Tippet – 1x
(1) Rio Powerflex Mono Tippet – 2x
(1) Rio Salmon/ Steelhead Tapered Leader 3pk (9′ 20lb)
(1) Rio Salmon/ Steelhead Tapered Leader 3pk (9′ 16lb)
(3) YFG Indicators 1″
(3) YFG Indicators 7/8″
(2) Air Lock Indicators – 1″
(1) Water Gremlin Split Shot “B”

With this package save you just over 10%