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Yellowstone Angler’s Ultimate Jurassic Lake Fly Selection

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1/25/22 – Fly supply for this selection is limited.  At this moment we are searching for different tyers/suppliers in order to provide the best selections.


*all fly selection sales are final


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After fishing and hosting trips to Jurassic Lake since 2010, (both at Estancia Laguna Verde and Jurassic Lake Lodge) we have come up with a fly selection that is sure to give you a shot at some of the biggest rainbows in the world. Since conditions are always changing, and we don’t want to repeatedly show these enormous rainbows the same exact flies, we like to change things up from year to year and even from order to order. Rest assured, your selection will include all of the time tested killers and staples, as well as some new patterns that we feel will fool even the smartest fish in the Barrancoso River, the Boca (river outlet), Aquarium pool, or the famous “Bay of Pigs.”


The key to our Jurassic Lake fly selection is a variety of different sizes, colors, and shapes. The most important consideration is including flies with strong enough hooks to land huge rainbow trout.


You could split between two people, or have the ultimate fly selection for yourself, (it’s a long way to travel to be underprepared on flies).


 In This Package

(24) Large Nymphs #8 – #2 (Rubberlegs, buggerlegs, yuk bugs, buggers, ect.)


(24) Smaller Nymphs #16 – #10 (Beadhead and “beadless” nymphs, with stout hooks and ample hook gaps)


(16) Large Dries #8 – #2 (Chubby Chernobyl, Hoppers, Large Beetles, Mice, etc.)


(30) Leeches #6 – #12 (Balance Leeches, Jig Leeches etc.)


(24) Scuds #16 – #8 (a solid variety of colors and sizes with stout hooks and ample hook gaps)


(24) Bacon and Eggs (a mix of egg patterns and worms with stout hooks for steelhead size trout)


With this package, you save 15%.