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Zebra Midge


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When cold weather is approaching, many anglers will be focused on tailwaters where midges are an important part of a trout’s diet. The Zebra Midge, invented by Lees Ferry guide Ted Welling, imitates a tiny midge pupa. We are still amazed by how such a tiny fly can attract large fish. Pat Dorsey once described how he uses the Zebra Midge when he needs a midge-pupa pattern that sinks quickly. This Midge pattern is very effective when used as a dropper below an attractor pattern, such as a San Juan Worm, or Stonefly. More often the fish are attracted to the larger fly but then eat the Zebra Midge. This fly can also be very effective when fished alone or dropped off a dry fly.


Black w/Brass Bead


18, 20