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Looks like they're eating big dries already... Photo: Matt Carara
Father's Day Caddis Hatch on the Stone? Photo: Matt Carara

Yup.  Can’t say we’ve ever fished the Yellowstone in late May, nor can we say we’ve ever fished salmonflies on the Yellowstone as early as mid June… until now.  There are more goldenstones than salmonflies so far, plus some larger size #12 chocolate caddis on the water as well as a smaller tan evening caddis.  Normally if we are lucky enough to fish the Yellowstone in late June we’re fishing big rubber leg nymphs or sinking lines.  Just a heads up – don’t forget to bring a dry fly rod!  A 691 or 790 Sage ONE (Matched with a GPX line) is perhaps the perfect tool for zinging these big, wind resistant stonefly patterns towards the willows and log jams.  The Stone is still dropping (8600 CFS) as are the Lamar (2160 CFS) and the Shield’s (536 CFS).  It seems like all of South Western Montana is fishing well right now, the Missouri is on fire with PMD’s, the Upper Madison is fishing full throttle with stoneflies and caddis, the Spring Creeks are heating up with PMD’s, and the private lakes are fishing extremely well with damsels and callibaetis.  Like it or not, looks like summer is here a good two weeks early.  Get in a boat while the fishing is hot!  Give Josh a call to book a float or wade trip… 406-222-7130.