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Kirk Johnson with a 19 inch dry fly sipper after work... Photo: Matt Carara
Big bugs at Loch...

It’s official, salmonflies are getting thick on the Stone.  Right now the heat of the hatch is located just above Loch Leven.  Goldenstones are already above that, as well as tons of caddis, some yellow sallies, and a few big chocolate caddis.  Guide boats are consistently bringing in good numbers of fish (20-30 per boat on average), with a couple fish in the 20 inch range.  Tight to the willows with a big dry is still the name of the game.  Rubber legs have also been crushing it if you decide to fish off the bank or in the middle of the river.  If chasing the hatch isn’t important to you, a float from pine creek through town would be an excellent choice, or for a big brown try down low.  Another couple options which are also red hot now are the Spring Creeks and private lakes.  PMD’s have been coming off in good numbers at Armstrong’s, Nelson’s and DePuy’s.  Damsels continue to be the go to hatch on local and private lakes, however we’ve also seen callibaetis dries on brighter, warmer days.