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Outfitter Hank Bechard and Eugene Mei with a nice upper Yellowstone Cutthroat... Photo: Roger Blackall
Roger Blackall with a nice YR brown

The Yellowstone has been rocking and rolling lately.  This year the salmonflies blew up in a few places at the same time, there is a solid batch just above Loch Leven still, another above 26, and another above Yankee Jim canyon.  Along with the salmonflies we’ve been seeing a plethera of bugs, including goldenstones, yellow sallies, PMD’s, size 10-12 Chocolate Caddis, smaller evening caddis, and even some Green Drakes.  Streamers are also working well through town.  CFS at Corwin is now around 7,700 –  in town CFS at Carter’s is around 8,800.   We don’t get salmonflies and clear water too often on the Yellowstone, so we recommend heading up high for the hatch.  That being said we’ve also experienced some killer streamer fishing in town.  With that perfect “green is good” water clarity the fish can see the flies but can’t see your tippet or differentiate a fly from a real forage fish or baby trout.  Down low has not been as good for streamers (or nymphs or dries) – give it another week and a half to drop.  Other than below 89, right now is a great time to be fishing the Stone!