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Mmmm... big bugs.
Thor - Tailgunnin' in the back all day...

Salmonflies have been around Montana for a couple weeks now and will continue (on various rivers) for another month.  If you’ve fished during the salmonfly hatch then you know how epic it can be.  Seeing larger freestone fish looking up and eating easy-to-see dries is about as fun as fly fishing gets.  If you haven’t fished the salmonfly hatch yet pick up the phone and give us a call – you need to experience it.  It can be tricky to hit the right day, (sometimes the fish can get gorged and sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate), but if you’re willing to come to Montana during June and early July a few years you’ll eventually get that epic day.  Not to mention that’s when the PMD’s hatch on the Spring Creeks and Missouri, so it’s a great time to fish other rivers and streams as well.  Although the Yellowstone itself is still muddy here, (it’s always the last to clear and the last to get salmonflies) we are currently booking trips for other rivers red hot right now – give us a call!  406-222-7130.

Let's go!