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Mark Moskowitz on a roll! Photo: Eric Paulson

Salmonfly Fever is definitely in full swing right now!  After a half hour sweep of search and rescue at Loch Leven on 6/21 I saw one salmonfly dry and zero shucks.  With 90 degree temperatures forecast for this weekend, the bugs are bound to pop.  Hopefully the river doesn’t jump up too high from more mud and snow melt.  Right now the Stone is about a foot of visibility – which is great for fishing with buddies but not quite worth putting clients on yet.  Our guess is still 6/25, depending on happens to the CFS flow and clarity.  We’ll try not to hot spot the other rivers too bad, but it won’t take much to call any fly shop in Southwestern Montana to figure out where the big bugs are at.  If you are looking for more numbers, try fishing 5-10 miles up stream from the hatch and throw big rubber leg nymphs or other stonefly nymph patterns.  If you want the ultimate dry fly take, try to stay right in the middle of the hatch or just below.  The fish typically will gorge them selves on nymphs, so fishing through the hatch might be slightly slower but it’s also your best shot at a big brown on a dry fly.  If you’ve been holding out on that “kitchen pass” it’s finally time to ask!