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The Yellowstone has had some slush ice on it the past few days... 12/12/17

We wish we had a better fishing report for you but the harsh reality is that the Stone doesn’t look good.  Even though it has been in the 40’s this week, it’s been cold at nigh, plus last week’s cold weather still has some slush ice floating down.  We have now gotten far enough into winter that we don’t recommend floating.  If you do decide to get out there, be sure you scout the section you are floating well as you don’t want to come around the corner and find the river completely iced over.  If you still up for wetting a line, consider fishing one of the Paradise Valley spring creeks instead.  Winter rates are now $40 a rod and the fish are more actively feeding.  It has still be very windy however, so be sure to check the wind forecast before booking your rods.

The spring creeks are looking like a better option now that winter is here.