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The Stone is on the drop but not quite worth it yet (in our opinion)...
Brady Hughes with a nice small stream cutbow. Photo: Jedwards

We’ve had a few calls asking about the clarity of the stone lately.  Depending on where you’re at, it’s been 2-6 inches of visibility, and although it has been dropping the last couple days however we don’t feel it is quite worth your gas/shuttle money yet.  Add 40-60% scattered thunderstorms in the forecast and our outlook is even worse.  The good news is that smaller streams and tributaries (now open to fishing after the 3rd Saturday in May) have been dropping and shaping up nicely, again we’ll see how the rain effects them.  On the Spring Creeks there have been small #20 baetis coming off, especially on warm and rainy afternoons.  Bright days have still been midges and no PMD’s yet.  When they do start, they will likely be large, #16-18 PMDs so stock up accordingly if you are lucky enough to have rods in late June.  Also keep in mind that it looks like we will have a very good salmonfly hatch this year and will likely be fishing the Yellowstone the last week of June during this epic hatch!  As always feel free to give us a call for an update… 406-222-7130