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Mallard's Rest at roughly 20,000 CFS (6/3)

The Yellowstone has been ripping lately, although cold weather had CFS dropping for a couple days over the weekend.   Has the Yellowstone peaked is the question we are all wondering?  Historically the Yellowstone usually peaks during the first 10 days of June, so we would not be surprised to see water levels come back up over 34,000.  We also wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t but plateaus out at a high CFS (like 27,000 for a while).  The good news is that either way, a lot of snow has already melted and the Upper Yellowstone Snow Pack is down to around 120%, (before this last storm it was down to 119%, now it currently sits at 122%).  With these levels of snow pack, we expect to be fishing the Yellowstone sometime in mid July.

Float at your own risk...

There have been a few people floating the Yellowstone lately but we do not recommend it.  The strong currents and undertows this time of year can be exceptionally dangerous.  People have lost boats by anchoring up in fast water or by not letting out enough anchor rope.  People have hit bridge pylons and flipped, as well as capsized in whirlpools and tricky hydraulics.  In short be smart and safety first.