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DePuy’s is back with a vengeance. Lots of bugs, lots of fish and some real pigs eating with dainty manners (pinky fin out)… until hooked!  Recent days on DePuy’s feature massive clouds of PMD spinners at first light from end to end, dropping onto the water as early as 7AM. Guides have been arriving to find the creek popping with rising fish… more and bigger fish than DePuy’s has seen for several years. Nymph sampling last month gave a hint of the hatch to come… but so far it is exceeding our hopes.  If the winds are down you can expect spinners falling from early morning till mid morning when the PMD emergence mixes in. Soon it is all dunns… until some sneaky BWO’s slip into the mix and many fish switch to them. Things slow down about 2 PM for lunch until storm or clouds builds and out come the spinners again to keep the fish on the feed until dusk many days.  If you can find a time without hatches or spinner falls, foam ants fished tight to bank cover are finding the biggest fish in the creek. One of my clients went four for four on big sight fished trout using the ant during a clear as a bell, 95 degree dog day afternoon.  21 and 20 inch bows shortly followed by a 19 sipper brown and a 20 plus brown worked and finally poked.

Recommended Flies/terminal tackle:

Transitional Midge #20-22
Harrops Emerger CDC #20
Starling SF emerger (PMD)# 20
Poly Wing Spinners (PMD, Rusty, Sulfur) #18-22
Mini Chernobyl black ant #16 -18
Frogs Fanny/Fly Duster  (MUST!)
6X, 6.5X and 7X fluro (Segar, Trout Hunter)