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Baetis nymphs have been a good choice in the morning...

There’s still time to take advantage of the $45 rod rates on the creeks…  Nelson’s has gone up to $80 already (where only 6 rods are allowed, verses 12 or 16), however, the rod fee at Armstrong’s and DePuy’s remains at $45 until April 14th.  The baetis have shown up and the dry fly fishing has been good, especially in the afternoons.  Mornings have been slower, however we’ve had good luck fishing baetis nymphs, scuds, midge larva, and other sparsely tied dark nymphs.  There have also been quite a few fish eating midges, so be sure to bring a few of your favorite midge dries for the slower, more silty bottom sections.  Give us a call anytime if you’d like to book a rod or a guide: 1-406-222-7130.

Please keep in mind the rainbows and cutthroat are still spawning.  We ask that you watch where you step and avoid wading over any redds (cleared off gravel areas where the fish are spawning or spawn at night).  If you happen to see fish actively spawning we ask that you just watch at let them do their thing, which will create more wild fish for all anglers to enjoy later.