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Bob Bergquist and Nigel Jessman with a solid bow
Gary Slade with a nice looking Armstrong's Brown... Photo: Bob Bergquist

Both the spring creeks and local lakes have become considerably more challenging recently.  The fish have seen quite a few flies at this point in the summer, so a perfect presentation has been the key to success.  Dry fly fishing is tapering off a bit, but there have been some mornings with great PMD spinner falls (clouds seem to help).  Sulfurs should be around in the afternoons, although hatches have been sparse. Sight nymph fishing has been consistent in the afteroons.  Don’t be afraid to try a small Henry’s Fork Hopper or Harrop’s Flying Ant/Beetle along the banks during the pm as well.

Local private lakes are seeing a rise in water temperature, but still plenty of bug activity.  Private lakes can be a great option for those seeking to avoid the crowds and catch some large trout.  We have access to a few spring-fed lakes that can fish excellent during August when everything else gets hot.

As always, give us a call to find out what’s fishing well, the hottest flies, or to book the guides who know how to make good things happen.