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Pierce Edlich back on top - sorry Dad! ūüôā Photo: Dave Bryan
Trent Plummer holding up a solid brown trout... Photo: Hank Bechard

No news of mud yet, despite a pretty hard rain here in town last night. We’ll let you know if we hear of anything, but for now the coast is clear. ¬†One good thing that has happened during the past week is water temperatures have dropped significantly, making the fish more active than last week. ¬†CFS at Carter’s is now around 2,650 – which is quite low for this time of year. ¬†Water temps from the same station were ranging anywhere from 60-68¬į. ¬†With air temps in the 70’s and 80’s this week and 20-30% chance of rain, we should have some fish looking up for dries. ¬†Wish we could say the hopper fishing was was red hot, but the chubby is still out fishing the hopper lately. ¬†That will probably flip flop by mid August. ¬†There’s been a few weeds building up here and there but nothing significant enough to stop running a dry/dropper rig, or even a double nymph rig for that matter. ¬†There definitely seems to be some windows when the fish are eating harder than others, fishing the whole day will give you better odds at hitting one or more of those feeding times.