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The Yellowstone has always been a fickle river, but the last 2 weeks have been ridiculous!  It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what’s to blame… the changing weather, the barometer, high winds, increased fishing pressure, less water clarity due to low elevation snow melt, (the list of excuses goes on)…  Maybe the hog browns are following the rainbows up and out of the river to snack on loose eggs.   As much as we love to fish the early spring with big streamers, for whatever reason the fish haven’t been interested in biting them.  Nymphing seems to be your best bet, but even that has been slow lately.  If you’re after more fish than size, try some small midge nymphs and fish the riffles.  If you’re after a big one I’d try the middle of the river as deep as you can, the banks have been vacant, at least for us.   It’s hard to stick with it, (especially with such high expectations and frustrating results), but those who do will likely see some big fins this spring.  Also HWY 89 bridge is closed for now (the crane is blocking the ramp),  Sheep mountain is possible, but will require a long walk up the channel.  East End is too steep for a pull out right now, I suppose you could slide a boat down if you wanted.  Ditto that for 26 in the Valley.