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About as native as it gets...
Ah... the Chubby Chernobyl strikes again!

Last call for salmonflies and goldenstones inside Yellowstone National Park… (and yes, you’ll want to bring your hiking shoes). The fish aren’t the largest trout you’ll ever catch, but what you’ll miss is size you’ll make up in numbers and pristine, natural beauty – plus you can fish BIG dries all day.  The only catch is that you’ll have to earn those strikes, paying the price with possible blisters and some long, steep hikes.  The best plan is to bring a pair of wading sandals, but hike in your tennis shoes or hiking boots.  That way when you get to the river you have something to wet wade in and when you’re done fishing you have dry socks and a good pair of shoes to hike out in.  Typically the hike out is tougher, so be sure to save enough time and energy to get back at a reasonable hour.  Bring along a handful of salmonflies and goldenstone dries, some rubber legs, and a streamer or two (just in case)… Also don’t forget your floatant, as you’ll definitely want to keep your big dries floating high, and Bear spray is a MUST.  If you are interested in an epic day of fishing, it’s not too late – give us a call!