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Travis Tuss with a Yellowstone hog... Photo: Da MAN!
Nate Quan doing things right! Photo: Hank Bechard

We had a couple calls asking us about yesterday’s spike on the Yellowstone.  No need to worry, it was a small bump and the clarity has already returned up high.  It’s a feeding frenzy over here, with a true Smörgåsbord of fish food.  It seems like the bigger fish want the larger stonefly dries, while the 12-15 inchers are attacking caddis on the surface with reckless abandon.  It looks like this weekend is going to be hot (close to 90°F).  If that happens there’s a good chance we could see more salmonfly adults above Emigrant, ones which hatched up there rather than migrated up stream.    The river is impressively on fire right now, we know it sounds like stream hype but really, the fishing today was ridiculous.  Tomorrow?  Who knows – it’s the stone.  They could be gorged, they might want the caddis, they might not eat for days, they might crush big dries all day long.  Only one way to find out – get out there and enjoy some of the frenzy while it lasts!  If you are interested in booking a guide trip please give us a call immediately.  While we are always happy to do our best, last minute trips can sometimes be tricky to arrange.   If you know you would like to get out there, please give us a call earlier rather than later.  406-222-7130.