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Streamer guru Robert Kovich with some brown trout love... Photo: Marcus McGuire

Of course if we had our pick, we’d want to be fishing streamers on a cloudy day – but sometimes that simply isn’t in the cards.  If you are faced with a bright day your best shot for numbers is going to be nymph fishing, or at least dry/dropper.  If you are OK with catching less fish and targeting 1-3 nicer fish however, streamers can and have been working – even on the brightest days.  People often ask us what color to fish on a bright day (and most anglers would probably say white or a brighter color), but we’ve caught fish on just about all colors.  Our advice is to start with white or black and keeping switching things around until you find something that is working better.  You also might experiment with the size of your streamer and see if one size is working better than the other.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip, this week’s weather is looking good!  406-222-1730.

Another streamer eater...