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Turning up the heat! Ack Willets with great looking lower river brown... Photo: Dave Bryan
TJ Edlich with a big brown... Photo: Dave Bryan

Despite all the big fish pictures, in general the Yellowstone has been a little more inconsistent lately, especially down low.  The bigger fish have been caught on hoppers or streamers, both of which take a commitment to fish hard all day and stay confident in your fly.  The Valley seems to be  the most consistent fishing right now, but even that can have it’s off days.  With brownstones and nocturnal “midnight” stones coming off we have been selling a lot of rubber legs and stone fly dries.  If you want to stick with dry flies only, try a chubby or some other kind of stone fly dry followed by a smaller hopper, lime trude, turk’s, PMX, purple haze, PMD sparkle dun, power ant, flying ant ect.  Beadheads have also been producing lots of fish, but more so of the “bugle nosed” variety.  If you want to keep your focus more on trout, try sticking with rubberlegs, streamers, and dries…