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Springdale boat ramp still under ice
Nice Spring Creek 'bow. photo: JG

With the recent warm weather a lot of anglers have been eager to hit the river.  The fishing has been ok to good depending on where you go.  We all got out this weekend and the results were less than spectacular.  The majority of the fish are still in their winter pattern sticking to the slow, cold water.  This year the river had a lot more ice in it than the previous two and while the air temps may feel like “its on,” we may need another month of thaw in order to experience great fishing (and to be able to utilize all the boat ramps).  Many of the ramps in the Valley and below 89 are still backed up with ice and will be unusable for about another month. If you do get a wild hair and decide to float make sure to scout both put in and take out before you set sail. The Spring Creeks are still the best option for our area.  Fish are still steadily feeding on Midges, Scuds, and all of your typical winter fare.  Rates are still $40 until April 15th so take advantage of the lower rates while you still can.  The creeks do get a reputation of being technical and “tough fishing” but tend to be a bit friendlier in the winter.  If you are still intimidated by the reputation of the creeks give us a call to set up a guide trip 406-222-7130, or give us a ring for up to date river reports.

Slowly thawing out