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Carter's Bridge 3/9/19 (7:45AM)

Some parts of the river are still completely frozen over while others have open water.  The problem is we had so much snow last week that many of the Fishing Access Sites are unplowed and difficult to access without fear of getting your vehicle stuck.  It looks like next week’s weather is a little nicer, with daily highs getting into the 30’s.  For now your best bet around here to catch fish is definitely the Spring Creeks.  Armstrong’s, Nelson’s, and DePuy’s are all at their winter rates right now ($40 per rod).  Midges are still the main food staple, although fish have also been caught on scuds, leeches, baetis nymphs, eggs, worms, buggers, sculpin, ect.

Carter's Bridge FAS 3/9/19 - a good place to get stuck right now...