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Blart with a good start... Photo: Star Corcoran
Star kicking it off right...

If you are the type that likes fishing with streamers, the Upper Madison  might be a destination to keep in mind over next few weeks.  Big fish have been found in the middle of the river, as well as in mid-river depressions.  The bank didn’t fish as well as the diamond chop, so look for the obvious “green” buckets.  Erratic stripping patterns and start/stop retrievals worked  best to trigger fish that were eager to chase and eat streamers.  Gallop’s Circus Peanut, Tan Dace Home Invaders, Freshwater Clouser Minnows, and Olive Multi-colored Lead Eye Buggers will all take fish right now.  Even bigger lake fish will be on the move soon, and these fish will also be found in the fastest water as they make their way up stream with an appetite for destruction.  A big and bright articulated streamer can be the ticket for these fish, who often strike out of anger instead of hunger.  Since the water has cooled down, the bite has certainly heated up.  Don’t forget hoppers and red ants on top when you get in the shallow riffle stretches where heavy streamers may spook fish.   – Paul Bloch