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Shawna Kipp and Brian with a solid Madison rainbow! Photo: Corwin Kipp

Although CFS flows on the Yellowstone are low, water temps have been hanging in there. Unfortunately that looks to change this weekend and next week with temps pushing into the 3 digit range. We recommend getting and early start and quitting early, (for all parties involved). Take water temps through out the day and if temperatures exceed 68 degrees please consider not taking a photo of your catch, or at a minimum, try to keep the fish in the water for a photo. (Until the next heat waves passes, these might be the last fish photos you’ll see for a while)! Use thicker tippet like 2X – 4X so you can land your fish quickly. Streamers, stonefly nymphs, chubbies, caddis, sallies, PMD’s, and hoppers have been working well. Give us a call to book a guide or to get on a cancellation list. 1-406-222-7130.

This weekend will be hot! Stay well hydrated and fish responsibly…
Lauren Peschka with thick rainbow! Photo: Captain_Coy_
Steve Flood with a frisky streamer eater! Photo: Hank Bechard
Katie and Lars having fun on a local private lake we fish… Photo: Holden Russell
Double Locked! Photo: Holden Russell
Camdin Kipp with a handsome brown… Photo: Holden Russell
Carey and Beckett with the trout of the day! Photo: Francis Clougherty
Becca Huyard with a nice catch! Photo: Holden Russell
Like Mother like daughter, the Huyards getting it done! Photo: holdentrout_