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Guy Thomas with a nice spring creek rainbow. Photo: Holden Russell

Our apologies as its been a while since we’ve posted a fishing report. In general, it has been cold and windy! That said, those willing to put up with some cold fingers, (and ice in the guides) have caught a few nice fish here and there. The Yellowstone in Paradise Valley is completely iced over in spots and not worth your effort. The Yellowstone through town has some open water, but water temps are still cold and the fish have been sluggish to say the least. If the winter itch to get on the water is getting to you, your best bet remains with the Spring Creeks as the water temps are much warmer and the fish are more active. Midges, (especially midge larva patterns) have been the most effective flies. Give us a call for a wind report anytime! 406-222-7130.

Todd Barber taking a break from Bridger… Photo: Holden Russell
Mallard’s Rest on Ground Hogs Day (2/2/22, 4:30PM)
Mayor’s Landing on 2/2/22 (7:45AM)